Pre-lesson issues – Vandalism!

Fifteen minutes prior to the lesson, I logged in and found myself in a mess. My newly decorated house that I wanted to hold part of my lesson in had been vandalised. No time to fix it. I was glad I had planned two alternatives for that stage.

When I came back after the lesson, even more furniture was turned up-side down or moved. So, it was somebody who was observing me 🙁 This feels very strange. It is only my virtual home but it was a real person doing this. What for I wonder? 

4 thoughts on “Pre-lesson issues – Vandalism!

  1. Hi Nergiz,

    Sorry to know about what happened in your home. How strange! How can this happen? Can anybody move them? I guess is an issue to deal with Kip.

    Congratulations for your detailed explanations after each class. Hard work and consistency. I think I will not have the time of patience to do so. Great report Nergiz. You have to be a ‘writer’.

    Keep on!
    alicia – Wonderalica

  2. Thanks a lot, Alicia!

    It does take a lot of time but it helps me to reflect on the lessons, the plan and my teaching. If it wasn’t public, I might not be so consistent 🙂

    Regarding the vandalism, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is good in everything even though we might not see this immediately. Because this happened, I learned that objects can be fixed and how this is done.

  3. Hi Nergiz,

    I do agree with that, there is always a positive side on any negative issue, for sure. I learnt it a long time ago, but is always worth reminding it.

    Keep on with your consistency, you’re giving a lot to SL educators.


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