Public presentation — Exploring Second Life for Language Teaching and Learning


My first Second Life English course has finished, certificates handed out, the SLexperiments Wiki and group has been constantly growing since we started it and I have been exploring Second Life‘s potential for language teaching for a while now. Throughout this journey and as a member of the Webheads (an online community of practise), I have learned and experienced that sharing what one knows is a very powerful way of learning more.

This and the fact that reflecting on one’s learning and teaching helps one to become a better teacher and learner were the reasons why I had decided to blog about my Second Life English course and publishing my lesson plans. I do hope there will be more feedback and comments on the lessons and my reflections so I and other teachers can benefit even more and improve our teaching.

The logical next step is to give a public online presentation about this fascinating journey, my explorations and teaching experience. The presentation is mainly directed towards teachers but some of my students will (hopefully) also be present and learners wanting learn about new ways of improving their language skills or companies looking for effective and motivating language courses are most welcome to attend.

The presentation will be on the WiziQ virtual classroom platform and is scheduled for Thursday, 28 August 2008 at 3pm GMT. Here is the link where you can sign up for the session.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.


If you missed the live presentation, you can watch the recording here (you will have to sign up for Wiziq if you don’t have an account yet). Above, you can see the slides of the presentation.

3 thoughts on “Public presentation — Exploring Second Life for Language Teaching and Learning

  1. Dear Nergiz,
    I have just spent a very enjoyable hour reviewing all of your hard work. I am impressed by your commitment to the project. There are numerous elements that I will come back to and study more closely. I am also catching up on slexperiments after having dropped off the radar. I have just been discussing running a pilot SL program, and I think that if I can make it work with my other commitments I may well be able to enter into a more collegial discussion of learning in Second Life. Really, fantastic work. It’s a great resource.



  2. Dear Robert

    So good to hear that you enjoyed reading my blog posts. I am always happy to receive feedback. I am curious about your pilot project. I’d be happy to discuss learning and teaching in SL with you. After all, this is one of the main purposes of this blog. Hope to see you at the SLexperiments Wiki and in-world meetings.

    Best wishes