Co-moderating EVO2009 “Virtual Worlds & Language Learning”

I will be co-moderating the EVO2009 “Virtual Worlds & Language Teaching session with Graham Stanley and Nick Noakes. The EVO2009 sessions are free 6-week online teacher development sessions for language teachers.

In 2005 and 2008, I was a participant in two EVO sessions myself. The fist one was a Moodle session and at the beginning of this year I participated in the BaW08 (Becoming a Webhead) session. The sessions have always been a lot of work but also fun. Moderators and participants were all very friendly and there was a warm, welcoming atmosphere which was very conducive to learning. 

This year, participating as a moderator, I hope to be able to give the same warmth and create the same atmosphere for our participants. I am very happy to be in a moderator team with such experienced and generous colleagues like Graham and Nick.

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