2 thoughts on “Machinima – Places to go in SL

  1. This is amazing Nergiz! Thank you for sharing. Have you visited any of these places in SL?

    As I watched, I thought about the possibility we have not only to create new things, but to re-create old places and historical events. How future generations could know what it was like in the past.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! No, I haven’t visited the places, yet, but I hope I’ll find time to do so. I liked Cuba most. There were several instances when I had to really look very closely to see whether it is a real photograph or SL. With my current laptop (although only a one-year old Mac), I would only be disappointed with the graphics if I visited now.

    Re-creation of old/historic places is really a wonderful possibility that Second Life offers. I have, for example, only recently visited one the new Seven World Wonders, Chichen Itza in Yukatan, Mexico, recreation in its full glory. Even better maybe is The Roman Empire, a role-play sim where they have role-plays in Latin (!). A wonderful place for learners of Latin – a supposedly dead language brought back to life – and for history lessons.

    Being a teacher and learner today can be so exciting and learning so much fun that it is a shame most schools are still offering traditional boring lessons.

    The only drawback is that students under 18 cannot come to the Second Life Main Grid and this is justified in some cases because there are a lot of inappropriately dressed (almost naked) avatars (playing slaves, etc) and many shops with such pictures in The Roman Empire. I don’t know whether such places exist in the Teen Grid but I hope we will have more Virtual Worlds which are also appropriate for school classes without missing any of the quality and fun.