Slide Presentations with the new SL Viewer

Yesterday, I showed several possibilities how to use the new SL viewer function “web on prim” to browse websites and write collaboratively.

Another important function would be to be able to show slide presentations in Second Life. This is often necessary when students practise giving presentations in English.

Here is a short video showing a fully functional Google Docs presentation fullscreen on a prim:

Update 28 February 2010

Today, I tested with a colleague whether it is possible for others to see the slideshow and whether it is synchronous. It turned out that the former is possible what the latter is not. That means, the presenter would have to say which slide he or she is at. That’s not ideal really. So, we will have to look further.

A colleague has set up a wiki where we can post our experiences with media and web on prim and say what works and what doesn’t. So, we don’t have to duplicate efforts.

2 thoughts on “Slide Presentations with the new SL Viewer

  1. I have been reading your Media on Prim Wiki with interest. You might want to add this. I tried my glog (at eduGlogster – It loaded and I could play the videos, but the links (inside the pink circles) do not work. It looks like I can even create a glog while in SL.

  2. Thanks for adding this informationö Nunyara!

    What you describe seems to be the case with many applications, some features work others don’t. I’m sure Linden Lab is working on improving the media on prim function.

    Right now, we are all testing all kinds of media and applications but then, we should stop and think which applications and uses really make pedagogical sense or are worth doing while in-world. This might,of course, differ from case to case.

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