Lesson 11

Two friends: Adjectives and adverbs

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate

Type: General English

Skills practised: Speaking, listening

Language/Systems: Adjectives and adverbs (form, use, spelling), game vocabulary

Material: notecards (overview, sample sentences+rules, h/work, sentences for game, scripts (for game board)

Tools: n.card displayer, game board, dice

Location/LMs: An open space/garden with rights to rez objects; conference room

Summary: Brief overview of adjectives and adverbs. Controlled practise with a board game (kinaesthetic (gapped sentences – ss choose adj or adv and say correct sentence (speaking practise and good for auditory learners). 

Speaking fluency game “Impromptu Speech“, which is a follow-up on last week‘s presentation given by a guest speaker and prepares them for the next lesson in which they have to give a mini-presentation.



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