Lesson 2

What’s in a building?


Level: Elementary/Pre-Intermediate

Type: General English

Skills practised: Speaking, listening

Language/Systems: Present Simple, names of rooms, furniture vocab, giving definitions, describing a room (there is/are…), stating opinion, agreeing/disagreeing

Material: n.cards: Lesson overview, game instructions, There is/are…, language for stating opinion, (dis)agreeing, pictures of living rooms

Tools: notecard displayer, picture boards, timer

Location/LMs: Garden outside the main building

Summary: Students will explore a building with many different types of rooms to get familiar with it and review/learn names of rooms. Ss define words and listen to definitions to come up with the right word. Ss explore rooms further for furniture they contain. They review of how to describe a room. Finally, we look at pictures of some very different living rooms. Ss take their time to walk around and choose which they like and why. Ss talk about their favourite room and agree or disagree with each other.

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