Lesson 4

The story of Coca-Cola

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate

Type: General English

Skills practised: Speaking, listening (writing, reading -> homework)

Language/Systems: Past Simple – review of form and use, irregular verbs

Material: notecards (lesson overview, past simple overview of form), pictures (Mr Pemberton, Coca-Cola text as jpg)

Tools: notecard displayer, picture boards

Location/LMs: A garden, a comfortable living room with flat screen TV and parcelled rooms

Summary: Students look at a picture of the inventor of Coke and teacher elicits who he was, when the picture was taken, what they think he invented, etc. Then, teacher reads (or better tells) the story of Coke. Students retell the story followed by a short discussion on what students like to drink. Students, then, find the Past Simple verbs in the text and we talk about the form and use of the Past Simple. Finally, students watch a film about Coke and/or work in groups and come up with names of inventors and their inventions.



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