Lesson 7

Storytelling, field trips and playing games

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate

Type: General English

Skills practised: Speaking, listening

Language/Systems: General English

Material: notecard for lesson overview

Tools: notecard reader, SpeakEasy HUD

Location/LMs: Ruins of a temple on a tropical island (where the bottle game is located), my house (or a nice garden, beach, park, campfire, etc. (for storytelling), a location that a student takes up (field trip)

Summary: This is mainly a review lesson. We will review the past lessons by playing the game “Spin the bottle“ with different rule 🙂 Students were asked to review the material and homework on the Moodle course site and to prepare questions. We will also go on one or two field trips if students have prepared it. Finally, we will sit around a campfire and students will tell their stories which they had to write or record as homework after lesson 5.

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