Lesson 9

The news

Level: Elementary/Pre-intermediate

Type: General English

Skills practised: Speaking, listening

Language/Systems: Shape vocabulary (review and expand), asking and replying to questions in different tense

Material: notecards (lesson overview, shape vocabulary, homework), picture of photographers

Tools: notecard displayer, secure picture board, a chair or the hot spot object

Location/LMs: A garden (where you can rez objects), Reuters bureau in SL

Summary: This is lesson is to get students speaking and to prepare them for the next lesson where they will interview a surprise guest.

We will visit Reuters‘ bureau in SL and talk about news agencies and journalist to introduce the topic to the students. This will be followed by the “Hot Seat“ game. Students will take turns sitting on the hot seat  and being interviewed by their classmates. This activity will help students practise asking questions and responding to them. Finally, there will be another speaking activity called “Impromptu Speech“ which is a fluency activity and usually a lot of fun.



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