Lesson Plans

When you read my blog entries about the lessons and how it went, it might make much more sense if you read the lesson plan first.

Click on the lessons in the sub-menu of this page to reach that particular lesson plan.

(I had no time to upload the lesson plans yet but will hopefully do so over the next weekend)


A note:

Comments on my blog and the lesson plans are very welcome.

However, please, keep in mind that this is my first experience with teaching in Second Life. As far as I know, there is no other such project where an SL language teacher makes their lessons plans and reflections on their teaching available to public scrutiny. This is not an easy step, especially as it is also my business and this is like giving away internal business information for free. People get fired for this 😉 However, I hope this will help me improve and will help other (future) SL language teachers get started more easily and offer quality lessons in SL. My intention is also to lead by example and I hope that other teachers will follow suit.

Your comments and constructive criticism will make this project more valuable.