Dec 15

St. Catherine Monastery in Second Life in danger!

This post is a bit unusual for my blog because it is not related to teaching languages in Second Life but it is definitely related to education in SL. So, please, bear with me and read the rest. My hope in writing this post is to raise awareness of what the St. Catherine Monastery in Real Life stands for, why it should remain in SL and hopefully to find a new home for it in SL.

Pictures taken by Patricia F. Anderson

Some weeks ago, Marlyn Tadros, who built the SL version of St. Catherine Monastery, told us on the SLED list that the Monastery will disappear because of the costs involved in keeping it up. Although there has been some interest, unfortunately, no new home has been found for it so far. Personally, I think it would be extremely sad if the Monastery disappeared because of its huge historic and current relevance.

So, what’s so special about this Monastery and why is it important for it to remain in Second Life? The Monastery is one of the greatest examples of religious tolerance and peace and we need such examples more than ever today. Please read this article about the history and the importance of the Monastery. 

But why the fuss about the SL version? Because not everybody can go to the Sinai and visit the real one but everybody who has broadband Internet can access Second Life and visit it there. It’s been replicated beautifully and I especially like the library and of course Prophet Mohammad’s letter of protection that has ensured its existence in Real Life to date.

I was planning to take my SL students there when talking about peace and tolerance in our English lessons and was also hoping to visit it during inter-faith dialogues I am planning to hold with a church that is now active in SL. 

You can find the St. Catherine Monastery in SL here until the end of 2008.

If you know somebody that might be interested in giving the Monastery a new home in SL, leave a comment here or contact me and I will pass it on to Marlyn Tadros.